A story about naughty kids

Author: Hana Dotřelová, Táňa Zlesáková
Duration: 60 minutes
Age 3+

Mother goat and her three kids live in a little house. The goat goes to work and she must leave their kids home alone. Kids are not allowed to open doors to another person but once a wolf cheats them and carry away two kids. At the end the wolf is punished and all kids… více

Představení A story about naughty kids

A tale about nutty goat Róza

Author: Věra Provazníková
Duration: 70 minutes
Age 3+

A tale about a man who had many different animals in his court. Horse, cow, ram, pigling, goat and number of birds. The most he liked the goat Róza. Once his cock hatches by mistake Plivník from a black egg and the big mess starts. The goat become naughty, the man sends her out etc… více

Představení A tale about nutty goat Róza

About Doggy and Pussycat

Author: Josef Čapek - Karel Makonj
Duration: 60 minutes
Age 3+

Doggy and Pussycat live together in a small house and try to do everything in the same way as adult do. Sometimes they succeed, the other time they mix it up. In our performance they wash floor and bake cake. After break they write the answers to children. The performance is played with the glove… více

Představení About Doggy and Pussycat

Gingerbread cottage

Author: Mirka Nohelová
Duration: 60 minutes
Age 3+

In the story, two children, Jeníček and Mařenka get lost in the woods.  They come upon a house made of gingerbread covered in frosting and candy.  Unfortunately, it’s the house of the wicked witch.  She befriends the kids, fattens them up and tries to eat them.  But children were clever and lucky, in the end… více

Představení Gingerbread cottage

Jesus Christ was born…

Author: Vojtěch Kawon
Duration: 90 minutes
Suitable for all

Subject of the story is the birth of Jesus Christ that we commemorate on Christmas. Jesus is born in a cattle shed and everybody comes to welcome him.  But Herodes, the king, wants to get rid of the child because he is afraid of his position. The performance is closed by the scene which we… více

Představení Jesus Christ was born…

Johan doctor Faust

Author: The story has been adapted from folk marionetter by Vojtěch Kawon
Duration: 80 minutes
Age 6+ and adults

Doctor Faust is not happy with his fate. The angel offers him culture, intelligence and felicity after death, Satan offers wealth and power. As Faust accepts the Satan´s offer he has to pay it off with his body and soul. But after much pleasure and merrymaking he gets soon world-weary. He would like to take… více

Představení Johan doctor Faust

Little clown and Witch

Author: Jiří Žáček – Josef Pikner
Duration: 60 minutes
Age 4+

Honza has become a king and invited Clawn for christening party.  But the party is spoiled by Witch who wants to merry Honza and tries to gain him with help of magic and riddles. The story is full of witchcraft and incantation. Finally, clever clawn helps to solve the things. The performance is played with… více

Představení Little clown and Witch

Little clown in the underworld

Author: Jiří Žáček
Duration: 70 minutes
Age 3+

Majdalenka princess happened to get to the underworld. Kašpárek is ready to help everybody who is in danger and set off, together with his friend Honza, to release the princess.  Come to see whether the little heroes succeed to outwit the devils. Some performances are interpreted in Czech sign language. The performance is played with… více

Představení Little clown in the underworld

Salt and gold

Author: Mirka Nohelová
Duration: 60 minutes
Age 4+

A fairy-tale about the power of love. The old king feels it is time to entrust the rule over his kingdom to one of his three daughters – the one that loves him the most. The youngest, Maruska, fails her father’s expectations about proving how deep her love him is. By the performance Sůl nad… více

Představení Salt and gold

Tales about Doughnut and about a little boy Budulínek

Author: Táňa Zlesáková, Hana Dotřelová
Duration: 55 minutes
Age 3+

O Koblížkovi (A tale about Doughnut) Grandmother has baked a doughnut for grandfather. She let the doughnut to cool on the window. The doughnut runs away and during performance you can follow his adventures on the way from the house. O Budulínkovi (A tale about a little boy Budulínek) A sly fox take Budulínek away… více

Představení Tales about Doughnut and about a little boy Budulínek

Ťupínek the little bear

Author: Jan Wilkowski
Duration: 60 minutes
Age 3+

The bear Ťupínek lives with his daddy and wishes to have a dog as a friend which daddy does not like because he is afraid of dogs. Later on daddy finds out how brave and kind the doggie is and takes him in their home. The performance is played with glove puppets.

Představení Ťupínek the little bear

Wizard of Oz

Author: Based on L. Frank Baum novel, adopted by J. UHRIN
Duration: 60 mins
Age 4+

Little Dorotka and her doggie are carried away by tornado to the land of a fearful wizard Oz. In his land there are many powerful creatures like fairies Vilina, wicked Bastinda, giant crows and flying monkeys. Dorotka encounters many adventures and meets also friends who help her to overcome traps and obstructions. Thanks to help… více

Představení Wizard of Oz